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In the current pandemic situation, the obvious focus for the toddlers is on physical health. However, mental well- being and early learning are getting neglected in the process. All that they love best- peers, outdoors, spaces to run around, their "my school"- have been taken away... and it doesn't seem likely that they are going to school in a hurry.
Team Morning Glorie has curated a virtual model for homeschooling. We are offering live, interactive, group sessions to stimulate their young brains and meet their social and L&D needs, at the same time empowering the parent with an experiential way of interacting with your child

The virtual learning module is three way. The beneficiary is your child, and the stimuli to them is two way- from the educator, and from you, who is also getting educated by the educator. Our aim is to help you to communicate with your toddler at their level, and get them FUTURE READY to handle the virtual medium, which is here to stay..

We also aim to improve the quality of screen time that they are already indulging in- it now involves interacting with people real time, and comprehending and carrying out age specific activities with the peer group- albeit virtually.

Pedagogy & Value System

Our pedagogy is experiential. We believe children need to have experiences to truly imbibe the concept introduced.
We also believe that the best learning is simple learning. Simple household objects, which are often kept away from children, and which they therefore find fascinating, are the best learning aids.

The focus areas for our early learners are as below

Language Development

We will cover this both through visual aids to build vocabulary, as well through conversation with the kids. Toddlers are often spoken at, rather than with. When we encourage them to speak, we are helping their language development

Mathematical Skills

Speaking 1 to 10 is language development. Learning to recognize a number, and counting one by one is a mathematical skill for kids this age

Motor Skills

Kids this age are developing both gross and fine motor skills. Activities are designed to keep kids engaged while developing these skills. These activities also increase concentration in the kids

Right Brain Development

Typically, we use the left part of our brain, which is the logical brain. We tend to under-use the right side of our brain, which is the more creative part of the brain. We have designed activities to boost the creative part of the brain through visual and audio stimulation, as well as creation of sequences

Rhyme and Rhythm

Toddlers love learning new rhymes and dancing to tunes. The focus here is on the audio and not video. Kids are free to create their own steps and expressions

Sensory Development

Recognition of shapes and colours, various textures, sounds, taste and smell will be introduced as part of the program.

Personality Development

We focus on sharing a value system with the children, which also helps shape their personality * Empathy
* Caring
* Sharing
* Kindness
* Acceptance
* Finding joy in small things
* Loving our surroundings

We also believe that the mic or the camera are toys - public speaking for us is only another way of communicating, which should not scare children. We work extensively with the children to help them feel natural when on stage, or now, on camera

This is a running program for the early learner. Details are available for you to download in the Know More Section of the page.
Different packages are available depending on whether you opt for a monthly or quarterly plan. A complimentary experience session is available every Saturday. We look forward to having you on board Virtual Morning Glorie