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Personality-centric program with equal focus on Soft Skills, Cognitive Development and Left and Right Brain Development.
Pedagogy - Experiential. Because children learn best when exposed to experiences.
Philosophy - Simple Learning. Best Learning happens with use of aids which children associate with rather than fancy gadgets and infrastructure.

Seedlings (1-2 years)

Initial introduction to classroom, fun activities for mental stimulation.

Buds (2+ years)

Introduction of alphabet (with focus on vocabulary) and counting concepts.

Blooms (Prenursery)

Introduction to writing, multiple dimensions in learning. Kids are ready to move to nursery in formal schools by the end of the program.

Blossoms (4+ to 5+)

Launching Blossoms, our Nursery program.

Online Preschool - Our Homeschooling Module

Learning modules for the toddler based on our learning methodology- from the comfort of your home. These are live classes to ensure mentally stimulating activities, along with peer group interaction. These are also our way of giving you tools to engage your toddler at home