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Key Highlights of Our Program


Gone are the days when learning comprised only of A for Apple and 1,2,3,4 to learn counting. Learning and development is complete only when a child is able to fully and logically reason out the complete story behind a concrete concept. This happens only when they are exposed to experiences rather than mere concepts. Our program creates these experiences for a parent and child to enjoy together.

Simple and Effective

Children often seek out objects which are readily available in their ecosystem. A bowl and spoon become the first drum sets, while a visit to the park is exciting because elements of nature like fallen leaves and grass become the favourite toys. We employ simple household and natural objects available in every child’s household – simple learning aids for effective experiential learning.


Did you know that what you may consider as waste material can be used to create simple learning aids with your child? There is not only pride and joy in something they create on their own, we are also sharing with them a value system which focuses on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Online Delivery

Get access to the best facilitators no matter where you are! You no longer have to worry about time lost in commute, or even about getting the program of your choice in your vicinity. Our live and interactive modules also ensure that there is a two way interaction and feedback mechanism, while reducing dependence on expensive toys and gadgets and passive screen time, which is harmful for your child.

See what parents say about us

Morning Glorie has a lovely program to keep toddlers engaged and make them learn at the same time. Teachers are really good and are able to connect with the young ones through screen as well (which is not easy at all). Every hour is duly planned to give multiple types of inputs while keep it fun. Highly recommend the program!

Dipti (Shagun's Mom)

From day one, Sehar enjoyed each and every day she spent in her first (ever) e-school. I really appreciate the way you groomed my child and enhanced her inner abilities to do some extraordinary tasks which we never expected from her so early in her life. All the best to the Team Morning Glorie!

Shivali (Sehar's Mom)

As the week comes to an end, my daughter says "I will miss you teachers". I think that sums it up. Your innovative ideas and activity based teaching nicely helps kids build interest for learning. Your teaching is a perfect blend of learning and a personality development of a preschooler. Inspite of being virtual, your teachers share a lovely bond with each kid. Thank you for playing such an important role in our child's development

Neeta (Meera's Mom)

My son enjoys this format and it also gives me that 45 odd minutes with him. We learn together and it's a very healthy way to spend time with my son

Ankit (Aveer's Dad)

Course details

Age Group – 2 to 5 years

Flexible Timings - Morning and Evening Batches available.
Weekend batches coming up soon!

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1 Hour Session


5000/- per Month

Evening Batches
(thrice a week)

3000/- per Month


2000/- for
8 Sessions

4 to 5 years


6000/- per Month

Evening Batches
(thrice a week)

3000/- per Month


2000/- for
8 Sessions

Activities centered around
Language Skills, Numeracy Skills, Right Brain Development, Sensory Development, Motor Skills, Personality Development and Effective Communication

Why do you need this Program?

Parent Struggles

  • How to engage better with my child?

  • What is my child’s inherent personality?

  • What approach should I take?

Value Proposition

  • PEP powered by Morning Glorie your partner

  • Personality Development and Enrichment of your child

  • Shared set of experiences and value systems for holistic development

Our Platform

  • Structured environment

  • Group size – 10:1

  • Social development with personalized attention

Help your child express their individuality.

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