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Morning Glorie is a pre school and day care facility in Gurgaon, Haryana that works by understanding the dynamics and demands of today. We provide preschool and day care services on our physical premises, as also online parent-toddler sessions, keeping in view a child's inability to step out of their home due to the pandemic.

We started our journey in August, 2011. In our hearts, we wanted to partner with young parents for their little one’s early learning needs, and with working mothers for their childcare needs, as they went back to work. At the centre, always was, and is the child. Their needs – social, learning and development, and for a space which they call their own – are thus something we always work for.

Our endeavour is to create a three-way atmosphere of trust, care and comfort - a facility where parents will be comfortable while leaving their children. A place where the child is happy and looks forward to coming every day and is just as happy to leave with their parents – a home away from home. The same holds true for our virtual parent-toddler sessions.

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Each ‘person’ is special and has a unique personality which needs to be nurtured – it is our effort to nurture this uniqueness and not churn out ‘factory products’ – children striving towards similar role model like personalities. After all, one is young only once. It is important to enjoy their “today” without obsessing too much over their tomorrow.

At Morning Glorie, we propose that a child needs to discover on their own what they want and like in a natural environment, rather than forcing them into anything, in this case, learning to read and write so early on just because everyone else is, or that they should know everything from art to music to dancing. Let them discover their own strengths, at their own pace, while playing a proactive role in shaping their value system.

We also strive to focus less on a rigid classroom structure and more on nurturing their interests and learning through experience. The stress is on their curiosity, which is encouraged by letting the question themselves, each other, and their caregivers too.

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We also truly believe that sustainable living is the way forward, if we want to leave the right legacy for our future generations.

The focus is on simple learning, through sustainable living. Children learn best when they interact with nature, and with their immediate surroundings - they do not need fancy toys and games, they need the right stimuli for their little minds, and proper interaction with peers as well as their caregivers and educators.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a mantra we follow at Morning Glorie, and encourage our children to adopt the same.

These are also a set of values for parent and child to bond over
1. Be proud of your own creations
2. Find joy in the small things

Our learning program covers children upwards of 12 months of age on our physical premises, and upwards of 24 months for our online sessions. We also have a creche facility for children upwards of 6 months of age to facilitate the working mother in her professional commitments. Our after school program has children up to 12 years of age.

We welcome you to join our MG family