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Enhance Your Preprimary Curriculum with Us!

Preprimary years are among the most crucial years for a child's development. The right developmental inputs help mould a child's personality and shape the people they will become one day.
Morning Glorie offers B2B modules for schools to help you achieve your vision. We offer 4 different modules to achieve this goal.

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Our learning program has a scientifically researched and well designed curriculum, which you can take from us. We use an experiential and activity based learning approach with high degree of focus on personality enrichment and soft skills to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

You need no longer design your classroom schedules as we will give executable schedules for your teachers.

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Preprimary classrooms are more than just executing lesson plans. A preprimary teacher needs to be equipped with the right set of soft skills in addition to understanding the right approach to execute the program.

We offer online teacher training modules to help you develop the best in-house talent, while outsourcing the teacher training to us.

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Taking Charge of Your Live Classrooms - If you offer hybrid classroom sessions in your school, we are happy to take complete charge of your online only classes, whether they are delivered to the children's homes, or whether you want to beam them live in your own classrooms.

Our expert facilitators will help you add on to your preprimary school program

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Our Eggheads program is designed to specifically incorporate elements related to personality enrichment which are not typically covered as part of the classroom program. We can execute these live to your classrooms digitally!

This program is apt both for formal schools as well as daycares looking to offer after school activity classes for their wards.