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Day Care (8am to 7.30pm) - 6 months and up - Contact for detailed SOP

Freshly Cooked, home style meals
Handling of separation anxiety
Homelike, loving and caring environment
Age appropriate activities and aids
Babies are safe and enjoy peer group company
Outdoor activities
After school day care available for older kids, we have door drop for over 15 schools

Under 18 months

The focus is on social skills, language development, peer group interaction, gross and fine motor skills

18 months to 4 years

These kids join day care at 12.30 once the learning program is over. This is their time to rest and play with friends. They are engaged in supervised, age appropriate activities and free play till it is time for them to go home.

4 years and up

These kids join Morning Glorie after their formal school timings are over. Kids are getting dropped off at our gate from over 15 schools by their school buses/cabs. This is their time to unwind after a long day at school, and you can see them engaging in friendly banter with each other through the evening. They are engaged in age appropriate activities once they are all rested after lunch. Some of them have also joined activities in the after school enrichment program

Tiffin Schedule

MondayVeg PastaDal + Rice + Chapati + Seasonal Veg + Salad/Fruit
TuesdayStuffed Paratha / Milk DaliyaRajma+Rice + Salad/Fruit
WednesdaySandwichesRice + Dal + Chapati + Seasonal Veg + Salad/Fruit
ThursdaySuji Porridge / PohaStuffed paratha + Khichdi + Salad/Fruit
FridayVeg Vermicelli/DaliyaVeg Soup + Noodles/Pasta + Salad/Fruit

(-- Curd In warmer weather)

EVENING: MILK (200 ML, MOTHER DAIRY, DOUBLE TONED). SNACKS (Idli, Poha, Bread based snack, Black Chana, Cutlets, Bhel Purl, Lobrya etc)

This is a tentative menu, meals could change

For babies - Milk,Biscuit meal? Suji Upma / khichdi/ mashed potato? bknding of freshly cooked meals

Meal plan adequately covers kids upwards of 8 months of age