SUMMER-CAMP,-finalLittle steps for a cleaner, greener EARTH

 Week 1 (11May – 15May)

Art and craft with recycled items

Enjoy the fun of cutting, pasting and colouring to make new things each day.

  • Showing and teaching kids to use waste things at home to make something useful.


Week 2 (18 May – 22 May)

Kiddie Olympics (outdoor indoor games)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Let the kids run, jump and enjoy with the variety of games in store for them.

  • In this week the kids will enjoy outdoor, indoor sports. This includes games being played individually as well as in teams. Through games and sports we want the kids to learn the meaning of team spirit.


WEEK 3 (25 May – 29 May)

Little Master Chefs (flameless cooking)

A culinary adventure with kids this week. Make them fix up a salad, mixing up shakes and chocolates.

 This week the kids will enjoy making sandwiches, milkshakes, desserts and more for themselves and for friends in the group. They will also learn to peel, chop, knead…. generally get your hands dirty 🙂


Week 4 (1 Jun – 5 June)

Go Green (plants, fruits, veggies)

Learn about plants, fruits and flowers. Plant and nurture your own set of seeds and watch them grow.

  • We explain the kids the journey of a plant’s life. All about leaves and flowers. They also learn about how vegetables grow, and why do they grow above or below the ground.

  • Environment day celebration on 5th June


Week 5 (8 June – 12 June, performance on 13 June)

Theatre for kids

Aim of this week is to help kids develop their personality, forget stage fears and feel confident.

  • This week the kids will sing and enact a small skit keeping our theme in mind. By the end of the week see how the kids teach us what’s healthy and what’s not.


Week 6 (15 June – 19 June)

Junior Scientist (fun science experiments)

What is a magnet? Does an apple float in water? What’s inside a human body? Get answers to all these questions and more as you become a little scientist.

  • This week we give kids the opportunity to learn about science through our interactive and hands-on science activities.

Time: 10 a.m. till 12 p.m.

About the facilitator: Shelja Arora is a professional who has been working for the past 14 years. She has worked with the British Council Library for over a decade, where she has been actively involved in planning and performing kids workshops. She has been carrying out successful workshops for kids from her home as well.

Gunjan Kumar has a fine arts background, she takes art classes for kids at home. She has also worked with Kinder Garden Preschool, Delhi in the past.