Morning Glorie is a pre-school facility that has been started understanding the dynamics and demands of today.

Our endeavor is to create a facility where parents will be comfortable while leaving their children. A place where the child is happy and looks forward to coming every day, and is just as happy to leave with his or her parents – a home away from home. Thus we will strive to provide “the complete mental comfort for the parent”.

A pre-school is the first place where a child learns that there is an external world with so many other kinds of people, with whom he has to interact. It is the first place where he faces choices- on how to handle different situations (good as well as adverse), discover skills and likes, strengths and weaknesses, interact in groups. At our day care centre and pre-school we will strive to focus less on the rigid class room structure and more on nurturing the child’s interest. The stress will be on the child’s curiosity which will be encouraged by letting the pre schoolers question themselves, each other and their teachers too.

At Morning Glorie, we propose that a child needs to discover on his own what he wants and likes in a natural environment, rather than forcing him into anything, in this case, learning to read and write so early on just because everyone else is, or that he should know everything from art to music to dancing. Let him discover his own strengths, at his own pace, while playing a proactive role in shaping his value system- he needs to be taught values like not to lie, not to steal, learning to solve problems by words or approaching an adult rather than fighting among yourselves, sharing, patience, friendship etc.