About Morning Glorie

About Morning Glorie
Dear Parents,
Greetings!! We are Morning Glorie- Complete Child Care Solutions, a home away from home for your little ones, based in South City I, Gurgaon. Our endeavour is to help young, working parents such as yourself, to raise your baby.
When we say complete child care solutions, we would really like to believe that we are a one stop shop for all your needs when it comes to child care. Starting from a crèche (which starts at a 6 month old baby), to watching that child grow into a toddler, having a playgroup program for him/her, and then giving his/her learning more structure through our preschool program (which starts at 2 years), and even as s/he grows older, providing a half day boarding after regular school, we do it all. For your older ones (around 4 years to 8 years), we are also offering an activity club which includes a reading club, cookery club, science experiments club, a vocabulary building and grammar club, and an arts and craft club.
Our value proposition is in providing a very homely, loving and secure environment, with all fresh, home cooked meals and a very thoroughly researched and professionally designed preschool curriculum.
Just like for you, your child is the most precious thing for us, and we hope that as educators and parents, together we can provide the best for your child.
Team Morning Glorie